Vegan Churro Biscotti

These Vegan Churro Biscotti with Cinnamon Sugar are perfectly crunchy for dunking in a hot beaker of coffee, tea, or cocoa, or on their own. Impossible to eat simply one!

a coffee mug with vegan cinnamon sugar biscotti

Continuing with more gift table holiday goodies with these Delicious Vegan Churro Biscotti just in time for the holidays! After your first bite memories of childhood carnivals will bring a warm smile to your face and nostalgia and happiness to everyone you discuss the matter with.

I love these Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti! They are crunchy, with loadings of sweet cinnamon flavor and they’re perfect dipped into tea, cappuccino, or coffee. But who’s stopping you from enjoying them as a holiday-themed breakfast on the go, or after dinner for a light dessert? Severely I can’t get enough of these.

Now, Biscotti are crispy, and they are supposed to be like that , not soft or chewy. Biscotti- as the name implies- means “twice baked”, and doubled baking these dainty Italian cookies is the secret to their crunchy texture. Their signature texture induces them perfect for dunking into your hot drinking, or even some sweet dessert wine.

homemade vegan cinnamon sugar biscotti in a small coffee mug

To make vegan biscotti or any biscotti recipe, the dough is shaped into a loaf and then baked. The cooked loaf is then again cut into slices that are cooked again until they become crispy. Once you’ve mastered making a traditional biscotti, your differences are endless. This churros version is my favorite and a love declaration to the Spanish streetfood classic “churros”!

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