Vegan French Toast

Looking for the best vegan French toast? This recipe right here is incredible! Whip up yourself some soft, custardy, perfectly cooked toast dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with syrup. Serve this French toast up for breakfast, brunch, or( if you are like me) the occasional dinner. Follow this recipe to learn how to make French toast that wows everyone. This Vegan French Toast is … Easy Simple Crispy, with soft custard center Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or dinner Quick to attain Dairy-free Super tasty and flavorful How to Make Vegan French Toast Add all your ingredients, except bread, in a bowl. Whisk till blended. Get your pan hot, and add petroleum or vegan butter to prevent sticking. Dip bread slice in French toast concoction quickly and place in a pan. Cook until golden brown on both sides. Tips and Tricks Day-Old Bread Using day-old or firmer bread will help make sure your bread does not fall apart once dipped in the mixture. Quickly Dip Bread Make to dip your bread in the French toast concoction promptly. Get the bread coated, but don’t allow it to soak. Too long in the mixture can cause you bread to fall apart. Nonstick Pan […]

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