Mango-Chili Tofu Stir-Fry (Vegetarian, Vegan)

This post originally seemed as a guest post on Better Homes& Gardens! I’m a pretty big fan. So I was super excited when they invited me to take one of their popular recipes and make it meatless for my readers. A lot of people think that vegetarian cook is intimidating or difficult, but I promise you it doesn’t have to be. And you can take just about any recipe and make it meatless. Yes, really, you can! Is there anything more satisfying than taking a meaty recipe and making it vegetarian? Okay, yes, there are probably a lot of things more satisfying than that.( Winning the gamble? Definitely more satisfying .) But I still love that feeling of victory I get when I take something I can’t eat and make it into something tasty and meatless. I wanted to challenge myself, so I prefer their Mango-Chili Chicken Stir-Fry recipe. I prefer not to use processed meat substitutes in my cooking, so I decided to replace the chicken with a package of extra-firm tofu. Wait! Don’t click away! Don’t give me the side-eye. When you prepare tofu the right way, it’s delicious. So I’m going to show you the best way […]

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