Vegetable Balti

This easy Vegetable Balti is a really delicious way to get the family to eat healthy veggies like bell pepper and cauliflower, as the Balti Spices add a fantastic Indian flavor to them. Glutenfree Soyfree and Nutfree !. Serve it with rice.

overhead shot of two servings of vegetable balti served with rice

Meet vegetable balti! An easy veggie-forward weeknight dinner constructed in one casserole!

What is Vegetable Balti and how is it different from other curries

Balti translates to ” bucket” in Hindi and refers to the style of cooking used for this dish. The food is cooked in an iron pan with two manages that seems a bit like a pail. This style of cooking is said to have originated in a Pakistani restaurant in Birmingham, back in the 1970 s.

The now-famous balti curry has become a restaurant favorite as it is flavorful yet mild! My Balti spice blend genuinely takes mere moments to make and lends such an incredible depth of flavor to the veggies. While there are balti spice pastes available, the homemade spice mixture is far superior to anything found in bottles or ready-made pastes.

a bowl of vegetable balti served with rice and sprinkled with fresh parsley Think of vegetable balti as a type of stir-fry. We bake this dish in the oven. No burnt spices! What is Balti Flavour?

Balti sauce is a fragrant Indian sauce based on garlic, onions and ginger and a mix of Indian spices. Fresh whole spices are ground and used for the best flavor. Balti gosht is eaten in Pakistan and North India, as well as other parts of the world, such as Great Britain.

a bowl with rice topped with vegetable balti

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