Bbq Cauliflower Wings

My Vegan Beer Battered BBQ Cauliflower Wings are perfect for game day but also make for an incredible shared cocktail, side dish or even a fun dinner party menu item.

baked beer battered cauliflower wings sprinkled with chopped green onion

Get ready for the perfect vegan game day snack! BBQ Cauliflower Wings- saucy, crispy, and crunchy on the outside, with the perfect juicy and soft interior. Trust me, you won’t be able to stop eating these Baked Cauliflower Wings!

Cauliflower is one of my secret weapons when it comes to constructing snacks, appetizers, and game day food! There are endless ways to turn it into something addictive and I love how the florets take over a “meat-like” quality when you prepare them in certain ways. I’ve prepared cauliflower in every way imaginable but battered in a brew batter and cooked until crisp and golden, then covered in a finger-licking-good spicy bbq sauce might be one of my most favorite ways.

Who can say no to a big platter of gloriously golden crunchy cauliflower bites drenched in hot bbq sauce? Not me

beer battered bbq cauliflower wings served with a piece of grilled corn on the cob

Our BBQ Baked Cauliflower Wings are first coated in a spiced gluten-free beer batter made from rice flour and tapioca starch then baked, coated in spicy bbq sauce and baked again! And there you have it- one of the most delicious vegan appetizers or party snacks I’ve ever savor!

Guys, I know you will love these Cauliflower Wings! No need to fry them- they crisp up nicely in the oven! The ingredients couldn’t be easier and the spice level can be adapted to your taste.

baked bbq cauliflower wings sprinkled with chopped green onion


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