Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds with JINYA Ramen Bar’s New Bowl

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds with JINYA Ramen Bar's New Bowl

Acclaimed Japanese ramen restaurant debuts dish featuring a vegan base and chicken karaage side

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds with JINYA Ramen Bar's New BowlLos Angeles, CA( RestaurantNews.com) JINYA Ramen Bar‘s authentic Japanese culinary approach has always been about finding the perfect balance.

That’s why the acclaimed ramen restaurant is introducing an all-new bowl that bridges the gap between plant-based and meat ingredients, devoting guests the best of both worlds! Now through Oct. 15, participating JINYA locatings will feature The Red Garnet- constructed with thick noodles, a creamy vegan base, crunchy spicy garlic sauce, green onion, kikurage, chopped onion, spinach and pork chashu, been presented with two pieces of chicken karaage on the side- for just $15.

With the ability to be modified to fit various dietary and lifestyle predilections, The Red Garnet is naturally gluten-free, and it can be made vegetarian by removing the pork chashu topping and side of chicken karaage.

“JINYA fans go crazy over our creamy vegan base, ” said JINYA CEO and Founder Tomo Takahashi. “But they may not be seeking a full vegan or vegetarian dish every time. That’s why “weve created” The Red Garnet, which meets the needs of guests wanting to order a healthier alternative while still enjoying meat. It’s our most perfectly balanced bowl yet! ”

Using only the freshest ingredients, JINYA serves guests authentic Japanese cuisine with its slowly simmered broths, signature noodles and perfectly paired small plates. Enjoy a savour of ramen culture with signature menu items from ramen, rice bowls, curry, salads, mini tacos and more.

At JINYA, experience ramen like it’s meant to be- with thick, rich broth in perfect balance with flavorful noodles. Discover a wide array of authentic toppings, from tender pork chashu to a perfectly cooked and seasoned poached egg to fresh garlic. Then, elevate the experience further by pairing it with tapas or a craft brew. JINYA is ramen culture, where the relationship between broth and noodles is serious but delicious business. To learn more about JINYA’s full menu, visit jinyaramenbar.com.

JINYA Ramen Bar: A Bowl Above All Others

About JINYA Ramen Bar

Founded in 2010 by Tomo Takahashi- who was named among the most influential restaurant CEOs in the country in 2020 by Nation’s Restaurant News- JINYA Ramen Bar has 40 eateries with multiple new places in the pipeline. JINYA’s focus on kaizen- the Japanese practice of continuous improvement- means its guests will always experience the best ramen out there. From the water used to prepare its broth to the special aging process that its noodles undergo, JINYA pays meticulous attention to everything that goes into its guests’ bowls. JINYA also operates bushi by JINYA and JINYA Ramen Express. For more information, visit jinyaramenbar.com and follow JINYA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To learn more about JINYA’s franchising opportunities, visit jinyaramenbar.com/ franchise.

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