Roasted Vegetable Sandwich with Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Spread

This ultimate vegan roasted vegetable sandwich is packed with delicious charred veggies and features a quick homemade sun-dried tomato basil spread! This easy veggie sandwich explodes with goodness at every layer. Make it for lunch or bring to a picnic. Nutfree and Soyfree!

grilled vegetable sandwich with sundried tomato spread served on a wooden board

Get ready for the ultimate Roasted Vegetable Sandwich- one that challengers anything you can get at the deli counter. Smoky, sweet, and tender grilled veggies with the perfect amount of charr sandwiched in toasted slicings of bread with a little sun-dried tomato pesto spread! Everything is made from scratch here! YES, we take this grilled vegetable sandwich to the next level, by adding a homemade sundried tomato spread that comes together in the food processor in minutes.

halved vegan sandwich with roasted vegetables and sundried tomato spread

There’s plenty of room for experimentation in this vegan roasted vegetable sandwich recipe. I used grilled eggplant, zucchini, red onion, and buzzer peppers. If you want, add fennel, endive, or mushrooms. All of those would build fine vegetable replaces. Hummus, cashew cream, green vegan pesto, or white-bean puree can replace the sun-dried tomato spread.

You can skip the spread altogether and top the veggie sandwich with vegan cheese or only add a bunch of fresh basil or mint foliages. However, I do love the spread in this and I think so will you.

grilled vegetable sandwich with homemade sundried tomato spread on a wooden chopping board


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