Mexican Egg Casserole

This Vegan Mexican Egg Casserole gets a delicious Mexican flair with layers of roasted potatoes, onion and buzzer peppers, spinach, tomatoes, vegan cheese, and fluffy tofu eggs seasoned with taco spice. Your whole family will gobble this easy brunch recipe up! Nut-free+ gluten-free option.

two plates with vegan Mexican egg breakfast casserole with bell pepper, potatoes and onions

I love me a good breakfast casserole and today we are adding a Mexican twist to it!

This easy Vegan Mexican Casserole is my new favorite weekend brunch recipe. I guess you could call it Mexican Egg Casserole or Mexican Egg Bake. Essentially, it is vegan tofu eggs mixed with some pre-baked veggies, some bread, and some vegan cheese shreds then all baked in a casserole dish. It is almost like a vegan egg souffle dish packed with vegetables. You can also add in some cooked beans if you like to make it even more hearty.

Now let’s talk about the seasonings because that is where we get the Mexican flavors in. Taco seasoning and chipotle chili powder are your best friends for whenever you want to add a pinch of fiesta to any dish.

I make my own taco spice utilizing this taco seasoning recipe but storebought is fine as well. Making your own is quick and easy and takes mere minutes use common spices you probably already have, so it’s worth checking out the recipe. When made at home, you can also adjust the flavor and hot to preference.

overhead shot with two plates with vegan Mexican egg breakfast casserole topped with cheese

Back to the vegan Mexican casserole- we use a mix of pre-roasted veggies and veggies as add ons. Pre-roasting the potatoes, onion and bell peppers before adding to vegan tofu ” egg ” mixture is necessary to allow for them to cook. And we all love that odor of roasted bell peppers and charred onions, don’t we? It builds this vegan egg casserole savour a bit like fajitas.

two servings of vegan Mexican breakfast casserole with tofu eggs, cheese and vegetables


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