Diwani Handi Vegetables

Learn how to make restaurant-style Diwani Handi Vegetables at home with this easy handi veg recipe. Mixed veggies and cashews simmered in a rich tomato-based sauce. Gluten-free& soy-free, Nutfree option.

a sauteeing pan with vegetables mixed with creamy gravy

Diwani Handi is a popular order in many Indian eateries and I know you will love it, too! Veggies cooked to perfection in a thick, rich and creamy slightly spicy gravy. This traditional Indian dish also known as Diwani handi veg is a traditional Hyderabadi style dish that exists in many different versions. The most popular variations to this recipe feature either an onion tomato or a nut-based gravy, or a combination of both. For this recipe, I use a tomato-based gravy enriched with non-dairy yogurt or cream.

vegan diwani handi served with a side of rice

This diwani handi recipe is a simple homemade version of the restaurant-style vegetable dish. This simple vegetable curry is traditionally cooked in a clay pot( handi) but any pot will work. I use a regular skillet.

Indian recipes often get translated as veggies or protein with some creamy sauce. But they are not all the same. The spices used, the time at which they are added to the recipe, alter the flavor profile significantly. In this recipe the whole cumin seeds get toasted really well to add amazing flavor, the spices cook with the caramelizing onion, then yogurt adds a creamy base and onion and tomato add volume. Veggies are cooked with garlic and fenugreek to infuse a layer of flavor before simmering in the sauce.l! Use up any veggies you have and elevate them with this wildly flavorful curry.

Serve your handi veg with rice, naan, roti, kulcha, plain biryani or jeera rice.

Diwani Handi Vegetables with tomato gravy served with rice

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